Hackathons—a place where people come together and use technology to transform ideas into reality—are a unique way to brainstorm and build with the freedom to make mistakes.
Over the years, I've become involved in various ways:
• Volunteered as company liaison at Bitcamp, University of Maryland's hackathon (2016, 2017); helped students with their projects and reviewed resumes
• Won Teespring cash prize at BrickHack, Rochester Institute of Technology's hackathon (2015); built a set-and-forget notification system for clubs
• Organized DandyHacks, University of Rochester's first hackathon with a team of four (2015); secured sponsor funds, coordinated budgeting and logistics
• Participated in BigRed//Hacks, Cornell's hackathon (2014); built a web application to prevent tip of the tongue syndrome

TOTT, an application I built with a classmate at my first hackathon in 2014, lets players brainstorm words based on a selected category. The closer the word association, the higher the points.